Colors are often associated with feelings and emotions. Surely at some point you have heard someone shout a phrase like “Paint the town red!” or maybe a friend told you that she’s “feeling blue”. These idioms have used colors as a way of making these phrases appear alive. It is as if colors bring out something from us that make us understand things better. Using colors in this manner actually makes a lot of sense. It has been proven that color affects a person’s mood, [1] thus it is used when we relate to our feelings. We have learned to associate color with various experiences or concepts and these associations let us think of color in a way that creates a link to our emotions. The association we make may depend on a personal experience (e.g. seeing the color yellow makes you happy because you remember how you grew up in a house with a yellow-walled living room) or it might have been influenced by how society sees a color (e.g. white is a worldwide symbol for peace and purity). We associate our experiences with colors and there are particular colors that we find appealing. Hence, it is not uncommon for every individual to have their favorite colors. There are thousands of colors and there are a few that catches the eye; leaving a lasting impression. There are a lot of possible reasons behind this. Your favorite color of choice might remind you of good memories or you might think that it’s just simply attractive. In one way or another, that favorite color becomes a part of who we are. For instance, in buying a new shirt, it is most likely that your decision will be affected by the color that you think will look best on you. You might also select a certain color for your bedroom wallpaper; something that would be conducive or stimulating would most likely be your choice. Or if you are planning to have your hair dyed, then that planning will bring up the subject of selecting the best color again. Even in these seemingly little ways, color forms part of our experiences. One such example is the burgundy color. Surely, you have heard of it due to the fact that it has been becoming increasingly popular especially in the cosmetics industry. It is a dark red color similar to maroon and is associated with a wine of the same name (which happens to originate from a region in France also of the same name) which has a similar shade of dark red. It is good to note that when referring to the wine and French region, the word is spelled as “Burgundy” with the first letter capitalized. On the other hand, when referring to the color, it simply is spelled as “burgundy”. The color is also seen as a shade of purple that is reddish. There are a number of variations to the burgundy color such as vivid burgundy and old burgundy.

Burgundy is quite evident in society. For instance, it is a popular lipstick color choice in the fashion industry since the 1990s. It is used by individuals belonging to the goth subculture and has made a comeback as a popular choice in high fashion. [2] Even in the household, burgundy appears to be a color of choice as many people select it for their house’s interiors; may it be as a fabric for curtains, carpets, and cushions among others. The color is also used in travel, European Union passports have covers colored in burgundy. Even in sports, burgundy has been evident as various athletes have used this color for their uniforms (e.g. American teams Washington Redskins and Colorado Avalanche). The color burgundy is often associated with traits such as elegance, wealth, vigor, refinement, maturity and leadership. Dark colors such as burgundy are usually linked with these attributes due to the mysterious and intimidating power that they exude.

Burgundy appears to have cemented itself as a majestic color of choice to many. When mixed and matched with the right colors, it becomes even more commanding and appealing. Having your hair dyed? Thinking of the paint color that you think will look great on your new room? Then do consider burgundy as it might just bring you wonders you’ve never imagined.

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The kitchen is that area in your household that is usually seen to be really appealing and inviting. It’s undeniable. Where else would you spend hours and hours of preparation for occasions ranging from regular meals to much grander parties? It also is a place for catching up and if it had eyes, the kitchen would definitely be a witness to tons of your bonding moments with friends and family. It is apparent how everybody loves to spend some time in that neat-looking kitchen. Keeping a comfortable vibe while maintaining the kitchen’s functionality as a cooking space, both at the same time, can really be an interesting endeavor. Generally, lighter colors are a common choice for kitchen paint colors. For instance, seeing a kitchen with a burgundy color is typically unheard of. However, you might be surprised at how darker and bolder colors can liven up your kitchen’s dynamics. When selecting paint ideas that are meant to go along together in the kitchen, most people would opt for natural and light colors, thinking that there won’t be many problems when it comes to color combinations. However, darker shades of colors such as blue, green or red (e.g. burgundy) can create a strong impression.  [1]

A lot of objects contribute to the color palette of your kitchen; you have your cabinets, counter-top tables, the wall color, as well as the appliances. Color trends come and go, thus it is important to think of color combinations that create a timeless yet stylish feel for your kitchen. Using colors that go along really well, without going too over-the-top can yield good results for your kitchen. In addition, sticking with one color to accentuate the entire area is also recommended. In this manner, this special space can have its own personality, giving the kitchen a character that it stands for. Also, color schemes that complement dark wall paint colors, when placed in the right nooks and corners can make desirable effects on the picture as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, choosing darker shades for your kitchen paint colors such as burgundy can do a lot such as changing the area’s dynamics. If you look up pictures for inspirations online, you might end up finding yourself off-guard as darker colors indeed can create that vibrant appeal that your kitchen might be longing for. Try checking websites like houzz for more lovely ideas and inspirations that can help you in remodelling your home.

Thinking of ideal paint colors to match burgundy for your interior paint ideas can be tough. Especially when you come to think of the wide array of paint colors and brands to choose from. Even thinking of the right paint for that burgundy color you’ve always want to achieve can be a real chore. Just like any decision that we come across with, selecting the right wall paint or house paint can be really a tough task. You should consider a number of things such as the expenditures, stability and quality of the paint. In other words, you shouldn’t be ending up wasting your money for colors that might not be long lasting. Selecting paint colors that are both practical and convenient will help anyone who finds difficulty in the entire process of choosing paint. If you are all-new to this matter or if you simply just want to learn more about recommended paint brands, then you apparently are in a quest for schemes that will help you color your world burgundy. Asking friends who have a background in painting will be helpful. However, if you do not know of anyone to ask, then the next best thing to do is to go online and search for paint brands with good reviews. If you opt to go to the hardware instead, chances are that the salesperson might be selling you what he thinks will add more dough to his pocket. Hence, open that browser and see what other people have to about certain paint brands. Glidden Paint Colors seem to be one of those brands which lead the rest of the pack and has high ratings when it comes to customer satisfaction.

There are tons of color schemes to choose from when speaking of Glidden Paint Colors and it can certainly help you with any aspect of your painting needs. Burgundy, of course, is a part of their wide selection of paint colors. From primers to sealers, from exterior house colors to the interior of your home, Glidden seems to simply fit the bill! Aside from being one of the most inexpensive paints available, it has a reputation for its quality. [1]

So, are you ready to get started? Go on and check their website for more on Glidden. There are tons of topics of interest; view selections of their different products and they even have a section dedicated to painting ideas. Hence, if you are having a difficult time with thinking of the best colors to match burgundy, then you better take a look at their website.

When you are thinking of giving your home that new and uplifting look, do keep Glidden in your thoughts as well! Surely, this brand of paint can help you achieve that look to create a wow factor your home has been waiting for.



When thinking of room color ideas, one of the first things that you might be considering would be the color schemes that would match and go along well together. In addition, thinking of the primary color that would be the highlight of your room face-lift would be another consideration. The mood that you want to achieve will be a factor in thinking of bedroom color schemes and selecting burgundy as your main color scheme would certainly be enticing.

Burgundy would match a lot of other colors. When mixed together properly with the right amounts and shades, you might just be in for a treat in your own household. The colors that surround us, especially ones that are present in a place where we often find ourselves in just like the bedroom, have an influencing power on our mood. Burgundy, being a darker shade of red, tends to raise energy levels. Thus, such shades are said to have a stimulating effect on the mind. Selecting burgundy wall paint colors can certainly stir this type of mood. Experimenting can be really helpful when you are planning to come up with a color scheme for your bedroom. Gladly, there are color scheme generators on the Internet that can lessen the burden for you if you considering selecting a motif to be daunting. Some examples include ColorSchemer and ColorCombos. Now, choosing colors that can go well with burgundy can be easy through these websites. Burgundy is mostly associated with gold. These colors actually do match well and they exude that very classic and elegant feel that can be really soothing. Burgundy is that color that seems to be so commanding; thus you might end up having a hard time deciding for the perfect color combination that will look awesome with burgundy. Hence, trying out several color combinations will be good idea for you if you find yourself stuck in such a scenario. Selecting the right colors can really be exciting especially when you realize that the outcome will form a significant part of your day to day.

Fortunately, these modern times has made it easy to seek for color scheme inspiration for anyone who has access to the Internet. You can even look up specific paint brands that are most recommended when you plan to start working on your bedroom color ideas. Moreover, there are websites (e.g. Apartment Therapy) that have a roster of pictures showing different colors that make a good combination with burgundy. When planning out your bedroom color schemes, come up with color combos that will surely let you feel the comfort that you deserve.

Thinking of giving your hair a revamp? If what you want is vibrance then it is likely that you have thought of having a burgundy hair color. It doesn’t come as a surprise, look it up on the Internet and you’ll find a lot of photos for inspiration. Deciding upon a hair color will usually depend on your skin tone. People with dark skin colors will match a burgundy hair color. It is recommended that individuals who have darker skin colors to stay with hair colors which are dark as well. [1]

Now that you’ve decided upon having burgundy as your hair color, you might be wondering on how to get started. When dying your hair burgundy, there are a number of things which you should consider. For example, if you have currently have artificial hair color on your hair, then you should carefully choose the correct color of hair dye for you to get that vibrant burgundy that you like. The outcome of this new hair venture will definitely also depend on your current hair color. On the other hand, the case would be totally different for blondes since they have lighter colored hair. There are brands that sell a burgundy shade for blondes but chances are, they are not always readily available. Hence, for blondes, it is recommended that your hair should be dyed red first before you go with the burgundy shade. For people with darker hair, luck is in your side as you can have burgundy as a new hair color without to much hassles. [2]

Depending on your preference, you might be going to the salon to have your hair dyed or have it Do-It-Yourself (DIY) at home where it will be easier for you to customize your look. Whatever method you choose, to achieve that burgundy flair for your hair, you should select a hair color brand that will help you finally make the thought a realization. So, what are some recommended brands for this hair color? Try the burgundy shades of Ion Color Brilliance (e.g. Intensive Shine Demi Permanent Crème Hair Color in Burgundy Blonde), L’Oreal Paris (e.g. Mousse Absolue 465 dark burgundy Red), Garnier (e.g. Garnier Nutrisse 42 Deep Burgundy) or Revlon (e.g. Colorsilk 34 Deep Burgundy). Being the shade that it is, burgundy has a lot of variations. Hence, choosing one that will best suit your skin color would be important in making you look the best once you’ve got that new hair color.